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Smart Kitchen Summit 2016

1z5o8603-1This year marked the second showing of the Smart Kitchen Summit in beautiful Seattle, Washington. The show was bigger and longer, including a day of paid workshops prior to the main event. I facilitated one of the pre-summit workshops called Retail Strategies in the Era of the Connected Kitchen.

At the main event, I hosted a one-on-one conversation with Juicero founder Doug Evans entitled From Farm to Glass: Building a Smart Kitchen Ecosystem from the Ground Up. A video of the discussion is featured and available in its entirety on The Spoon, a new site dedicated to the smart kitchen and food tech. My focus in the discussion: how are you adding value with connectivity?

SF Chronicle: Recipe for a Smart Kitchen


In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle preceding the announcement of Drop’s partnership with Bosch, I discussed the state of the smart kitchen. While kitchen technology continues to evolve, we still see manufacturers building individual products that don’t yet fit into an overall connected kitchen ecosystem.

Here are some quotes from the resulting article in this Sunday’s Biz & Tech section:

Device makers have tackled “all of the things that go into making a meal,” but those devices mostly work by themselves as if they were their own “island,” said technology consultant Richard Gunther. “They’re missing the bigger potential.”

Smart coffeemakers that require a mobile app to operate, or a Wi-Fi slow cooker that can be shut off remotely, just add a needless layer of “technical complexity,” said Gunther, director of client experience for Denver consultancy Universal Mind and a noted expert in smart kitchen tech.

“What I still haven’t seen much of is tying these devices to each other,” he said. “If I’m going to pull out my whisk and want my pan to tell me I should be whisking 50 times, I shouldn’t have to rely on an app to press a button to say I’m using the whisk.”

You can read the full article at

The Smart Home Show

The Smart Home ShowMike Wolf is the go-to analyst in the smart home space, and I always enjoy the opportunity to share a mic with him to discuss what’s going on in the industry.

In this episode, we look at Logitech’s new Pop switch for connected devices, IFTTT’s new services for connected device apps, Samsung acquiring premium brand DACOR, and Echostar’s surprising abandonment of their SAGE smart home and security platform.

You can hear this and other episodes of The Smart Home Show in iTunes or at Technnology.FM.




I moderated a discussion with Juicero co-founder and CEO Doug Evans this week at Future:Kitchen—an event hosted by Next Market Insights in conjunction with Williams-Sonoma. futurekitchenThe event featured conversations with Doug Evans, Darren Vengroff, and celebrity chef Michael Voltaggio at Williams-Sonoma’s test kitchen overlooking San Francisco’s beautiful harbor near Fisherman’s Wharf.

I posted some images from the event on Flickr (yes, Flickr!).


Smart Kitchen Summit


I moderated two panels at the Smart Kitchen Summit this week— an event hosted by Next Market Insights in Seattle, Washington. The panels were Smart Kitchen: Starting Point for the Smart Home Consumer? featuring Kevin Garton from richardgunther_2015-Nov-05Zonoff, Peter Taylor from WeMo, and Jack Suvak from Moen and Selling the Smart Kitchen featuring Matt Furlong from Amazon and Janet Hayes, the President of Williams-Sonoma. Both panels explored the challenges and opportunities that the smart kitchen might offer consumers and businesses in the space, and each uncovered some great insights from the panelists.

You can watch the panels through the following YouTube links:

Smart Kitchen: Starting Point for the Smart Home Consumer?

Selling the Smart Kitchen

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