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Marriott Understands Travelers’ Technology Needs

After finally giving up on the Sheraton Stamford, I strayed from my Starwood roots to stay at Marriott’s Courtyard Stamford Downtown earlier this week. I was surprised and delighted to find the room appointed with many perks, including an LG high definition LCD TV, and a desktop interface with power, communication, and media connections galore!

Check out the options here:

  • 4 outlets, specifically oriented to accommodate multiple wall-bricks
  • 1 telephone jack
  • 1 Ethernet jack
  • 1 3.5mm stereo audio jack
  • 1 set of RCA audio/video jacks
  • 1 S-video jack
  • 1 VGA connector
  • 1 HDMI connector

The A/V connectors all feed into the widescreen LCD TV, which auto-detects and selects the connected source. Of course, if you want to go wireless, you can do that, too. The hotel provides wired and wireless Internet access in the rooms at no cost. The only negative: the hotel’s television and video service offers just standard definition programming and content.

Comment Card at Sheraton Stamford

Overall, what did you like best about your stay with us?

There is coffee in the room and the tub is clean (which was not true last time)

How could we improve your overall stay?

I’m a Gold member of [the Starwood Preferred Guest program]. Treat me like one. Let me know what benefits I’m getting. Apologize if (like tonight) you can’t put me in a preferred room.

Did our employees take care of you in a friendly, efficient and responsive manner?

No. Since there’s no ice bucket in the room, I called for one. It took 30 minutes to get here. Every time I’m here there are problems. Every time.

Please let us know the names of any employees with whom you had a particularly memorable interaction.

Are you a member of the Starwood Preferred Guest program?

Yes. But sometimes I have to ask, “what’s the point?” I have to say that the practical application of preferred benefits is, at best, inconsistent.

Date of stay: 3/5/08

Room number: 4062

Additional feedback written on back of comment card:

  • Your maid [awakened] me by knocking, even with my lock in the “privacy” position. Later, she walked in on me while I was getting ready, without knocking.
  • The hook on the back of the bathroom door is broken.
  • You’ve charged me a room service fee [for service] I did not [request or receive].

An E-mail Reply to a Westin Hotel Manager

I recently stayed at a Westin Hotel and encountered numerous problems in my room. After reporting the issues to the front desk, I was comped with a generous number of Starwood points, and received a personal e-mail message from the hotel’s front office manager. This was my reply.

Thank you. I truly appreciate you doing right by your customers, and I will accept your offer to try [your] Westin again. But frankly, it’s far more important that you correct the problems that the issues I encountered indicate. The multiple problems and inconsistencies in the bed linens and their application suggest a failure in housekeeping staff training and supervision. The disconnected phone suggests a problem with your maintenance staff. And my having to get dressed and visit the restaurant to get sugar for my morning coffee in the room was likely the result of a careless refresh of supplies.

I feel like the Westin brand has become very inconsistent over the past few years, and it’s very disappointing to me. Starwood hotels—in particular Westin hotels and above—are my preferred destination for business and personal travel. As I said before, I certainly appreciate the point comp, but I’m more interested in helping to ensure that Westin hotels continue to offer the quality experience that you and I should both expect.


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