EYE Chart Radio

Eye Chart RadioDespite my knowledge, interest, and background in Microsoft products, I’m a Mac. And I listen to Mac OS Ken daily for my fix of Apple-related news. When Ken started EYE Chart Radio, a weekly news analysis show with Mike LaPlante, I was all in. Well Ken’s now moved on to new adventures, and Mike has carried the show forward with a rotation of guest hosts.

I was thrilled to be this week’s co-host (and on Mike’s bench of rotating hosts now for) EYE Chart Radio. In this episode, I posit that now would be a good time for Apple to buy Sonos, we discuss some of the recent departures from Apple to Tesla, and I get all frustrated by yet another lawsuit that Apple could soon face.

So if you’re curious about my Mac side, give this latest episode of EYE Chart Radio a listen. And if you like it, subscribe to the show at iTunes or at this Libsyn site.

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