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Long overdue feedback for the Disney Vacation Club web team

I’ve given up on hoping for a much-needed redesign of the Disney Vacation Club website for (I’ll remind you) PAYING members. But I am BEGGING you to please eliminate the auto-play, expanding, audio-accompanied ad for the Aulani resort. EVERY SINGLE TIME you visit the DVC home page, this ad expands over the page and plays audio. Loudly. It’s obnoxious, it’s unnecessary, and it suggests that your web team doesn’t understand how to design content for the 21st century.

A message to Disney

Hey…what happened to “Walt Disney World Resort: Plugged In?” That was such a terrific podcast–great content, professionally produced, and always interesting. While there are lots of fan podcasts about Disney, it’s just not the same. If I didn’t know better, I’d think the whole podcast idea was nothing but a big publicity stunt for the new Everest attraction. The timing of your cut-off would sure suggest that….

To increase your continued listening audience, have you tried promoting it in your resorts? I’ll bet guests would love to know how to keep in touch with what’s going on after they’ve left for home from their vacation. Consider mentioning it in the TV loops that you produce for the resort hotel guest rooms. And promote it on your Walt Disney World web site home page. Give this one the chance that it deserves!

It seems that Disney has been eliminating just one after another of its programs designed for its most loyal fans and guests–first the Disney Club, then the Disney magazine, now this. Please re-establish your production schedule for “Walt Disney World Resort: Plugged In.” There are definitely Disney fans out here who listen regularly and enjoy.

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