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The Internet of Things Podcast #107

The IoT PodcastSince hosting Stacey Higginbotham on my podcast, Home: On, I’ve kept in touch with her and enjoy connecting her whenever by correspondence or at conferences.

With Kevin Tofel—the co-host of her show, The Internet of Things Podcast—under the weather, I was honored to stand in and discuss the latest stories in the industry on a recent episode. I also had an opportunity to discuss my experience using the MySmartBlinds kit on a set of blinds I installed in my own home.

The episode is available at, and you can find out more about and subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.

LIVE from SXSW, It’s the Ritual Misery Podcast!

The Ritual Misery PodcastOnce a year, I get to visit the decidedly weird and energetic town of Austin, TX to attend SXSW Interactive. And it’s become a tradition that I connect with my friends Amos and Kent, the hosts of The Ritual Misery Podcast, while I’m there.

The year, they recorded the first live episode of their show at Darwin’s Pub on 6th Street. Yes…the 6th Street. I was thrilled to share the stage with them as their guest and honorary game show host for a few rounds of Geek Out! How much of a geek are you? Play along in this episode as members of the audience challenge Amos and Kent’s self-proclaimed geek cred! [Spoilers: the audience won.]

You can find the episode at or in all the usual places, including iTunes. Or you could just watch it from YouTube, below. The usual NSFW disclaimers apply.

EYE Chart Radio

Eye Chart RadioDespite my knowledge, interest, and background in Microsoft products, I’m a Mac. And I listen to Mac OS Ken daily for my fix of Apple-related news. When Ken started EYE Chart Radio, a weekly news analysis show with Mike LaPlante, I was all in. Well Ken’s now moved on to new adventures, and Mike has carried the show forward with a rotation of guest hosts.

I was thrilled to be this week’s co-host (and on Mike’s bench of rotating hosts now for) EYE Chart Radio. In this episode, I posit that now would be a good time for Apple to buy Sonos, we discuss some of the recent departures from Apple to Tesla, and I get all frustrated by yet another lawsuit that Apple could soon face.

So if you’re curious about my Mac side, give this latest episode of EYE Chart Radio a listen. And if you like it, subscribe to the show at iTunes or at this Libsyn site.

CES 2017 Conference Panel


At this year’s CES, I spoke on a conference panel about smart lighting, entitled Smart Lighting Just Needs to Work. The panel was part of a half-day conference series sponsored by the Bluetooth SIG.

On the panel, I joined Avi-on Labs‘ COO, Dana Kunz, and Cassia Networks‘ CEO & Founder, Felix Zhao. The Bluetooth SIG‘s Director of Marketing, Katy Scheck, facilitated the panel discussion, in which we explored some of the biggest challenges facing consumers and product companies in the lighting space.

The Bluetooth SIG published a blog post highlighting some of the key takeaways from the various sessions and pointed out my callout of iDevice’s announced Instant Switch.


Smart Kitchen Summit 2016

1z5o8603-1This year marked the second showing of the Smart Kitchen Summit in beautiful Seattle, Washington. The show was bigger and longer, including a day of paid workshops prior to the main event. I facilitated one of the pre-summit workshops called Retail Strategies in the Era of the Connected Kitchen.

At the main event, I hosted a one-on-one conversation with Juicero founder Doug Evans entitled From Farm to Glass: Building a Smart Kitchen Ecosystem from the Ground Up. A video of the discussion is featured and available in its entirety on The Spoon, a new site dedicated to the smart kitchen and food tech. My focus in the discussion: how are you adding value with connectivity?

SF Chronicle: Recipe for a Smart Kitchen


In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle preceding the announcement of Drop’s partnership with Bosch, I discussed the state of the smart kitchen. While kitchen technology continues to evolve, we still see manufacturers building individual products that don’t yet fit into an overall connected kitchen ecosystem.

Here are some quotes from the resulting article in this Sunday’s Biz & Tech section:

Device makers have tackled “all of the things that go into making a meal,” but those devices mostly work by themselves as if they were their own “island,” said technology consultant Richard Gunther. “They’re missing the bigger potential.”

Smart coffeemakers that require a mobile app to operate, or a Wi-Fi slow cooker that can be shut off remotely, just add a needless layer of “technical complexity,” said Gunther, director of client experience for Denver consultancy Universal Mind and a noted expert in smart kitchen tech.

“What I still haven’t seen much of is tying these devices to each other,” he said. “If I’m going to pull out my whisk and want my pan to tell me I should be whisking 50 times, I shouldn’t have to rely on an app to press a button to say I’m using the whisk.”

You can read the full article at

The Smart Home Show

The Smart Home ShowMike Wolf is the go-to analyst in the smart home space, and I always enjoy the opportunity to share a mic with him to discuss what’s going on in the industry.

In this episode, we look at Logitech’s new Pop switch for connected devices, IFTTT’s new services for connected device apps, Samsung acquiring premium brand DACOR, and Echostar’s surprising abandonment of their SAGE smart home and security platform.

You can hear this and other episodes of The Smart Home Show in iTunes or at Technnology.FM.


thEndUsrAfter about a year of struggling with schedules, the guys at thEndUsr decided to call it done. Josh Pollard and I joined hosts Chris Barnes and Taylor Maher for their final episode, reminiscing about how they got started and then how they came to be at The Digital Media Zone. We’ll miss this fun show, but we hope to still hear Chris’s radio voice and Taylor’s insightful perspective on other shows going forward.

You can catch this final episode of thEndUsr at The Digital Media Zone.

Talking HomeKit on the Daily Tech News Show

Daily Tech News ShowI join Tom Merritt and Veronica Belmont on this episode of Daily Tech News Show to talk about Apple’s latest moves to bring HomeKit front and center as the method of choice for iPhone users to manage and control their connected home products.

This episode of DTNS is available in audio or video.

HomeTech Podcast #116 – HomeKit Take 2

Screen+Shot+2014-04-13+at+8.09.56+AMAs listeners of the HomeTech.FM podcast are aware of, Jason is in the midst of a move. And things can go wrong when you move. Hopefully we’ll hear Jason back at the mic soon, but in the meantime I was happy to stand in for Jason and discuss the latest Apple WWDC announcements with Seth.

Remember those predictions we made about HomeKit the last time I was on this show? Yeah, we were all way wrong…and glad to be! This year, HomeKit was front and center in Apple’s keynote presentation, and there’s a lot to parse through. No #SiriInaCan, but we do get HomeKit on mobile, watch, and TV.

You can find the episode at HomeTech.FM in iTunes, or at Technology.FM.

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