SF Chronicle: Recipe for a Smart Kitchen


In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle preceding the announcement of Drop’s partnership with Bosch, I discussed the state of the smart kitchen. While kitchen technology continues to evolve, we still see manufacturers building individual products that don’t yet fit into an overall connected kitchen ecosystem.

Here are some quotes from the resulting article in this Sunday’s Biz & Tech section:

Device makers have tackled “all of the things that go into making a meal,” but those devices mostly work by themselves as if they were their own “island,” said technology consultant Richard Gunther. “They’re missing the bigger potential.”

Smart coffeemakers that require a mobile app to operate, or a Wi-Fi slow cooker that can be shut off remotely, just add a needless layer of “technical complexity,” said Gunther, director of client experience for Denver consultancy Universal Mind and a noted expert in smart kitchen tech.

“What I still haven’t seen much of is tying these devices to each other,” he said. “If I’m going to pull out my whisk and want my pan to tell me I should be whisking 50 times, I shouldn’t have to rely on an app to press a button to say I’m using the whisk.”

You can read the full article at sfchronicle.com.

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