BBB Complaint Filing about UPS Service

UPS: We ♥ Logistics*  [*It's just that sometimes they're not very good at it.]

Over the past week’s time, I’ve had three delivery failures from UPS, each mis-handled and reported differently. Last week, a package was reported as delivered when it actually wasn’t. UPS refused to address the issue for me when I called because it was a package from Amazon. Amazon graciously resent the products at no additional cost, then days later the original (purportedly already delivered) UPS package mysteriously arrived. It was dropped on my doorstep with no attempt to communicate with me, even though I had a clear notice on the door for the UPS carrier to ring the bell and talk with me.

Days later, another package doesn’t get delivered. It’s reported in UPS’ tracking system as not delivered due to “Emergency conditions beyond UPS’ control.” UPS followed up on my rants on Twitter, telling me that, in fact, that status was used because they didn’t have a status to properly represent the actual situation—that they just couldn’t get the delivery done in time that day.

Today: another failed delivery. UPS’ tracking system reports that “the customer was not available on the 1st attempt.” That’s a lie. Someone was home all day. Nobody rang the bell, no notice was left, and this particular package does not require a signature anyway. 

I want UPS to fix the rampant delivery problems they appear to be having in my neighborhood this holiday season. I want the dispatch office and drivers to be held responsible for failed deliveries—not Amazon. I want UPS to stop fabricating false excuses for why they’re not delivering packages on time. “Couldn’t deliver on time” is bad, but it’s better than the fabricated statuses they’ve been reporting.

    • Anthony Corraro
    • March 5th, 2014

    I had a package left in the highway during a bad snow storm a few weeks ago. I live about an 150 yards from highway it is a frequently walked road. I did not realized that the packages were delivered until about 4 he’s latter I checked all the normal spots and could not find it but UPS web site said remote drop off I called and the found out it was left by road I when out there and could not find boxes .I even got a shovel and started searching for it with a friend. I put in a claim when I could not find it. Since the claim went through I have had every package delivered to the house since has been delayed and I have called and spoke with supervisors and they promise to get package out but just keep delaying it.just the other day I had a package being delivered on Friday and I was delayed because a train was late on Monday we were supposed to get a bad snow storm only got a little snow schools were open diver said he couldn’t deliver due to weather conditions. Tuesday once again driver refused to deliver package. I spoke with supervisor who assured me he would have driver deliver it once again I was told a lie. I am at point were I am not going to buy from internet if they have another carrier than ups

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