Hilton’s Abusive Reservation Practices Toward SXSW Attendees

The following is a message I sent to the Hilton Austin in response to them notifying me of a full advance payment charged to my credit card. Their notice about the payment arrived two weeks after the charges appeared on my account.

My credit card was charged over two weeks ago for my SXSW accommodations at the Hilton Austin, and while I’m disappointed that Hilton didn’t give earlier notice about this advance payment, I can’t say that I’m surprised. Frankly, I’m appalled by Hilton’s abusive customer service approach toward SXSW attendees. It’s one thing to jack up rates to gouge conference attendees, it’s another to require three weeks advance notice for cancellation—knowing full well that by its proximity to the convention center alone, the Hilton could fill every room in the hotel using more consumer-friendly reservation practices. But it’s another thing altogether to charge customers’ cards over three months in advance of their stay for the full balance! What horrific customer practices.

This will be my last stay at the Hilton Austin. Who needs this crap?

  1. Why don’t you just cancel and get another hotel room somewhere?

  2. Location, location, location. When I was looking for lodging, everything else immediately surrounding the convention center was full.

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