Sad to See Tom Leave

Leo Laporte, the head of the TWiT network, today announced that he is ending TWiT’s contract with Tom Merritt, host of Tech News Today (TNT) and for all intents and purposes the network’s news anchor. I doubt any of us will ever know or understand the details of Leo’s seemingly short-sighted decision or understand the motivations behind it. Particularly given Leo’s weak statements about the remote situation not working. As an audio listener—part of TWiT’s largest audience—I perceived absolutely no difference after Tom’s relocation to L.A.

What I do know is that the TNT that Tom and Becky Worley started at TWiT about four years ago brought me to TWiT as a daily listener. And the evolution of the TNT team and show, though never topping that original formula, yielded a professional and respectable tech news source. Tom didn’t fall into morning zoo antics; he didn’t don an artificial radio voice, smile, and guffaw for the mic and camera; and he didn’t chow down his lunch while recording and on camera. Tom has added a level of professionalism to the TWiT studio that some have emulated and others should aspire to.

Change is hard. I get that. And maybe it’s time for a change for me, too. Maybe for all of us. I’ll likely leave TNT behind and look forward to Tom’s next endeavor—just as so many of Tom’s fans and followers did when he left CNET and dropped a ready-made audience in Leo’s lap. That audience will likely have something new and exciting to look for in the days ahead.

All my best to you, Tom. I can’t wait to see what you do next!

  1. I agree totally. TNT without Tom is a clear unsubscribe.

    • Paul Walker
    • December 7th, 2013

    I was sad to hear the news now I’m just pissed. [edited]

  2. I agree completely! In fact, I stopped watching TNT months ago because my value vs time just wasn’t adding up. My biggest worry about this is what to do about the loss of Frame Rate.

    All in all, his temporary hiatus leaves me more time to follow the adventures of other journalists…like you, lol!

    BTW, I’m deployed until May so SXSW for me this year. Hopefully we can jam out in Austin in 2015.

  3. Leo said he wants someone in-studio, instead of Skype. They hire Mike Elgan, who, every time he’s on TWiT, is in some far off land. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Is Elgan moving to Petaluma, and STAYING PUT? Also, no actions toward Sarah Lane, who could EASILY be in-studio, yet Skypes in every chance she gets… and is LATE on days she’s in studio?

    • mike
    • January 10th, 2014

    TWiT now, has the energy of NPR.

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