New Media Thoughts from My Outbox

Five years ago, I attended the Podcast and Mobile Media Expo, witnessing what I suspected was a significant shift in content production and delivery. It impacted me significantly, and I remember returning to my room to share these thoughts with some friends and colleagues. Several name changes, one merger, and many times larger, Blogworld & New Media Expo is alive and well, and the shift is bigger than any of us may have expected: content production and delivery, customer service, PR, and publishing are just a few of the industries significantly impacted by how people can now create and access information and media. And big industry is still trying to figure it all out.

From my Outbox, 2006:

I’m currently at the Podcast & Mobile Media Expo in Ontario, California–and I’m blown away by what’s going on here. I’ve been a podcast listener (and viewer) for nearly a year now, becoming personally familiar with the medium after receiving an iPod last Christmas. I’ve known about podcasts, of course for a few years, but it wasn’t until I actually had a mobile device that easily afforded me the opportunity to subscribe and listen to narrowly targeted content that I personally adopted the technology. And boy, did I adopt. I joke about how my iPod has completely changed my life–but it has. I don’t get my news–be it politics, technology, entertainment, or whatever–from the TV or radio any more. Instead, I catch up on what’s going on in all these and more subject areas on my own time in my own place with my iPod. Taking what TiVo did for television to the next level, podcasting is both time AND place shifting–allowing you to listen or watch what you want when you want and where you want. And I’ve never felt so informed!

So here I am amoungst hundreds of folks who are making this happen, some of them the leaders of this industry. While here, I’ve met Leo Laporte (This Week in Tech,, and I’ve spoken extensively with Alex Lindsey (MacBreak) and Andrew Baron. I’m really kind of blown away because Leo and Andrew (both keynotes here) are major pioneers in podcasting. These are the guys treading new ground and putting themselves out there in what seems to be the medium of choice for the delivery of targeted content. And they’re…regular people.

I came here hoping to learn about what technologies might make podcasting a viable communication mechanism for large organizations (e.g., government). I’m leaving with more ideas than I can possibly process, and it’s hard for me to understand how more enterprises aren’t doing this already. This is definitely one area where the small, daring, enterprising few are just walking all over corporate and public entities. A few dramatic exceptions (ABC and NBC, among few others, are experimenting) exist, but for the most part, this is still all about the Bob and Sue down the street. And what’s interesting is that they’re both probably going to be laughing all the way to the bank in a few years, while big industry is trying to figure out what hit them.

That’s all I have for now…

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