CES 2011, Day 2

After my second day at CES, I have to admit that as much as I’m enjoying myself and as interested as I am in what I’m seeing, there’s no one product on the floor that has really knocked my socks off. Nonetheless, there’s a lot of interesting out there. So here are my impressions from day 2:

  • I’m so sick of seeing tablets.
  • Haier is showing off a prototype flat-screen TV with Windows Media Center build into it. It’s a little rough around the edges, but it’s a concept that has some potential if they don’t overbrand and otherwise cripple it.
  • Monster still creates hideous remote controls with odd ergonomics.
  • Samsung’s connected appliance line uses ZigBee for status reporting and control. They’re showing a nice sample control app on the Galaxy Tab.
  • iSys is showing off the Xi3, a mini-footprint computer with some impressive specs.
  • Silicondust’s HDHomeRun Prime network tuner is a real, working device this year, but it’s still awaiting certification.
  • The Dynamics credit card is a smart card that can be programmed to support multiple accounts, selectable at time of purchase.
  • A few vendors have interesting iPad wall mounting solutions that could be useful for turning old iPads into home control panels once new iPad models come out.
  • Creative’s Pure Wireless ziiSound T6 speaker system should give Bose some competition in the desktop computing space. They have amazing sound, and they suppor multiple, selectable external input sources, including Bluetooth audio and Creative’s enhanced Bluetooth audio spec.
  • Universal Electronics’ Smart Control remote is an affordable activity-based remote that could make the One for All remote line more competitive with Logitech’s Harmony series. It should be available in the U.S. within a few months.
  • Many vendors are showing CFL and LED lighting options, but a select few have bulbs in color temperatures comparable to traditional residential lighting. From what I saw, Solé is showing the best incandescent bulb alternative and Smart has the best LED alternative to halogen spots.
  • SimpleHomeNet has released a control module that allows your home control software to leverage X10, INSTEON, and Z-Wave devices, all with one interface.
  • Since I have poor depth perception, the whole 3D TV craze is lost on me, but Sony’s passive 3D LED theater screen had me mesmerized.
  • Roller bags are the bane of my existence. Particularly since those dragging the bags behind them seem oblivious about how their bags are blocking traffic paths and impacting others.
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