Feedback for Apple on the iPad Orientation Lock Switch Change

The following is feedback that I left for Apple regarding the recent change in functionality of the iPad’s orientation lock switch.

I am just baffled by Apple’s decision to change the function of the orientation lock switch on my iPad. I used that switch all the time, and it was very useful. An equally accessible alert mute function is far less useful to me. I’ve heard that the reason was to make the experience more consistent with other iOS devices, but why? I’ve never thought, “gee, I wish this switch on my iPad worked like it does on my iPhone.”

What I don’t understand is that if a segment of users believes this is useful or necessary, then why not make it a setting that users can change? Everyone I’ve spoken with about this has the same feeling that I do here. They don’t understand the change, but further don’t understand why it can’t be software selectable.

This feature change alone will keep me from updating my mother’s iPad to iOS 4.2, because this is a feature that she uses regularly. She’d never use the other features of 4.2, so she’d never grasp double-clicking the home button, then sliding over to reveal the new orientation lock control.

What a terrible, terrible feature decision.

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