My CES 2010 Posts on Twitter

It was a much busier (though smaller) CES this year. There were some notable no-shows on the floor, but overall it seemed like a much better show. Here are some of my thoughts that I posted on Twitter as I experienced the show.

WhatAnnoysMe Dear CEA: Love the free press lunch at #CES, but these cocktail napkins are useless.
WhatIveLearned Sony Ericsson’s new Xperia X10 Android phone will only be available through Rogers…in Canada. #CES #CNETCES
WhatIveLearned Pelican case for the iPhone includes a waterproof headphone jack that supports audio out, but not the mic for the phone. #CES #CNETCES
WhatImpressesMe Watching @BuzzOutLoud live on stage at #CES. #CNETCES
WhatAnnoysMe Marvel has a HUGE booth at #CES. I still have no idea what they do.
WhatAnnoysMe EHX@CES is kind of pathetic. I hope it’s not a sign of what to expect at the March expo in Orlando. #CES
WhatAnnoysMe Not sure which is more obscene: the booth babes at #CES or the attention they drawl.
WhatImpressesMe Control 4 home control has a phenomenal number of partner vendors exhibiting at its booth. #CES #CNETCES
WhatImpressesMe Silicon Dust is showing off a prototype HD HomeRun CableCARD tuner. Network-based, 2 tuners, <$250! #CES #CNETCES
WhatIveLearned Mental note to self: the pre-emptive Aleve, before hitting the show floor, worked. #CES
WhatIveLearned Apple’s Genius playlist feature on the iPhone and iPod Touch is powered by Gracenote. #CES
WhatIveLearned #CES packing tip: Don’t pack more socks than you need. They take up space, and how often do you really change your socks mid-day anyway?
WhatImpressesMe I’m onboard and ready to go. Spoke with @acedtect in the airport, and I got an exit row with lots of legroom. A nice end to a great #CES.
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