My CES 2009 Posts on Twitter

CES this year was exhausting, loud, and slightly less crowded, but nonetheless interesting. I used Twitter to quickly post information about my experience.

WhatImpressesMe Great seat near front center section at Balmer keynote. #ces09
WhatAnnoysMe I’d be a lot happier now if I had taken time to eat before the keynote. #ces09
WhatAnnoysMe First night of the show, and I already forgot to have some cards with me. #ces09
WhatImpressesMe Seeing my first SteadyCam in the wild. Incredibly cool. #ces09
WhatIveLearned Balmer announced that Windows 7 beta is now available on TechNet and MSDN. #ces09
WhatAnnoysMe It occurs to me that I should have brought a better camera to the keynote. #ces09
WhatIveLearned @jimmyfallon is coming to CES. So Jimmy, are you a gadget freak, a correspondant, or a special appearance at #ces09 ?
WhatIveLearned HP is discontinuing its MediaSmart Connect Media Center Extender. #ces09
WhatIveLearned RealDVD will work on your Windows-based HTPC with a standard Media Center remote control. #ces09
WhatIveLearned Nero LiquidTV brings TiVo (for analog cable, ATSC, and clear QAM) to your HTPC and stores programs as standard MPEG-2 video. #ces09
WhatAnnoysMe OK, it’s official: I hate the way the Blackberry Storm soft buttons and keys work. #ces09
WhatAnnoysMe I forgot how much I hate these assholes that walk through CES with their roller-bags. #ces09
WhatIveLearned SanDisk will be selling 2.5″ Solid state drives later this year. $249 for 120GB, $499 for 240GB. #ces09
WhatImpressesMe Sexyist memory card reader I’ve ever seen. #ces09
WhatIveLearned The menus in Windows 7 Media Center now support touch gestures. #ces09
WhatAnnoysMe Missed the Digeo Moxi press conference–didn’t know about it. #ces09
WhatIveLearned Motorola is showing off a set-top box with caller ID and medication reminders–for the fully integrated life! #ces09
WhatAnnoysMe Played with Surface a little earlier. Not exciting…it’s still too abstract. #ces09
WhatImpressesMe Insanely thin television screens at the LG booth. #ces09
WhatImpressesMe Southwire is finally demonstrating Flatwire for 120v electrical current–UL cert pending. #ces09
WhatAnnoysMe Should have arrived at CNET’s Next Big Thing session earlier. I’m litterally standing in the back corner. And can we have some air? #ces09
WhatAnnoysMe Really? You’re going to come in late and then stand in front if us? #ces09
WhatAnnoysMe Worse: most of these latecomers are leaving mid-session, lacking the stamina to stand for an hour. #ces09
WhatAnnoysMe Sony just seems irrelevant to me anymore. They lost me on root kits. #ces09
WhatAnnoysMe Once again running late for live @BuzzOutLoud show. Maybe by tomorrow I’ll get this right. #ces09
WhatIveLearned Sony BRAVIA Link let’s you choose from snap-in modules (DVD, Tru2Way, HDMI), integrating selection and control with the TV’s menu. #ces09
WhatIveLearned Canon does optical image stabilization by moving the glass IN the lens with a gyro. #ces09
WhatAnnoysMe iLuv is showing off a dummy prototype of a new iPod/DVD player; not a working prototype–a mockup like you’d find in Best Buy. #ces09
WhatImpressesMe Mattel is showing Mind Flex, a game where you navigate a ball through a maze…with your mind. #ces09
WhatIveLearned Boxee is doing a closed test of a Windows version now. #ces09
WhatIveLearned Powercast is demonstrating RF power-over-distance harvesting with lighted ornaments and lighted tile prototypes. #ces09
WhatAnnoysMe I’m calling it. I’m officially CESed out. Had a great time, but my back hurts, my feet hurt, and now I need to think and write. #ces09
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