Macworld Predictions Recap

OK, so let’s quickly review my Macworld predictions and see how I did….

  • Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac releasescheck; it wasn’t a surprise to anyone, but it happened today nonetheless. Of course, this was a no-brainer.
  • New features for existing iPhones and discussion about the iPhone SDKcheck; Apple pushed another iPhone (and iPod Touch) update today that adds great new features to the iPhone, including mapping, messaging, and home page improvements. Other manufacturers please note: this great platform doesn’t stagnate, thanks to continued software updates.
  • No announcements of new iPhones, except possibly for added memory for the existing linecheck; lots of news about the iPhone’s popularity, but no new product announcements. Sadly, no additional memory yet either.
  • No new iPod devicescheck; After a major refresh of the iPod line last fall, there’s no need for new devices yet. The iPod Touch, however, did get some additional functionality (for a nominal fee).
  • New life for Apple TV with movie rentals through iTunes and other new capabilitiescheck; With a firmware update in just a few short weeks, my Apple TV will become an in-home movie rental store–with titles from every major studio (even Universal!). And a music store. And a full HD/5.1 video playback device. Sweet! Want in? Get one yourself at over 20% off the original price!
  • A new addition and form factor added to the Mac computer linecheck; MacBook Air is a new 3-pound ultra-portable notebook that (according to Apple) is the thinnest notebook computer in the world. I just might have to get one.

Hmmm…considering I posted these over a week before the big event, I’d say I did pretty well! As an added bonus, today’s Apple TV announcements addressed 3 out of 4 of my earlier product feature wishes for that device.

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