Feedback for NBC

I’m frustrated and disappointed that NBC has decided to walk away from iTunes–the leading online store for purchasing TV episodes to watch on a mobile device. While I’m sure the executives have everyone convinced that this was the right move, I believe that it was short-sighted. Like many, many other consumers, I have no interest in purchasing television content that I cannot take with me on my iPod–the market’s leading mobile media device available today. I have no interest purchasing content that I cannot play on multiple devices around my home (with iTunes I can play the episodes on my iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, and on my laptop–all without an Internet connection). I have no interest in streaming TV shows on my computer while tied to my desk. And I have no interest in paying more for a season of episodes than I would pay for the entire box set of DVDs for that season. It’s just not going to happen. So it seems that NBC has lost my business for video downloads. I suspect I’m not alone.

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