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Prologue: I attempted to send the following feedback to Coca-Cola regarding their newly redesigned

The new site is a disappointing step backward in usability. Sadly, your new, Flash-based interface sacrifices ease-of-use for coolness. Five years ago, I might understand and tolerate that, but it’s 2007–we now know how to make engaging and usable Internet applications with Flash. The many problems with your new site include: time-consuming and unnecessary animations that don’t add even the slightest value; the white-on-white message that appears after entering a code is practically unreadable; it’s harder to navigate between reward categories; unnecessary (click thru) pages appear when you select each category; text in the reward detail and redemption windows sometimes overwrites other text; and it’s slow, slow, slow (or at least, that’s the perception from waiting through all the animation). I have found many more problems in just the 15 minutes I have spent on the site today, suggesting that you should put this thing through a vigorous QA review. Even finding this feedback form was an unnecessary challenge because the feedback link from your FAQ popup didn’t work properly–I had to copy and extract the URL embedded in the popup link on the FAQ popup window to get here. I seriously hope you take the time to test and remedy the numerous problems with this new site. As it stands now, this is…embarrassing.

Epilogue: Adding insult, my first attempt to send this message resulted in an error that read: Unable to Send Contact Us. Submitting the form again resulted in the same message, but with no way to close the error box. Ultimately, I succeeded in sending a very brief comment, with a link to read my comments here. This is one (or more) for the BUI Gallery.

Follow-up: A customer service representative responded, saying, “Thank you for contacting We appreciate you taking the time to contact us regarding this issue. Our Technical Support team is aware of the problem and we are working in cooperation with the appropriate management…”


“…with the appropriate management to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. We thank you for your patience.”

I guess they get just how bad this is.

  1. I try to type in my email address and password but it does not recognize me. I have been entering codes for 2 years. What's happened?? I know I am using the correct address and pass-word. Help me out.

  2. No matter how I try I can't enter points today 08-18-09. The white box pops up telling me to ans a few ques before I register. I am rgistered and have about 500 points so far. Why is it so difficult to log on to the site to enter points.phooy on this program.

  3. Due to illness I haven't signed onin quite awhile.What happened since I was away???I think I'll switch to Pepsi!!Even the sales are better

  4. it stinks, not worth the time i spend trying to register.

  5. it wont let me sign in i have over 1400 points my sign on has been the same. the need to fix that . i tired all week to sign on.

    • michelle wheeler
    • October 24th, 2011

    I”m new to the coke rewards but have found that my connection gets dropped fter i put in between 89-100 points, plus i’ve read that people can’t win any of the sweepstakes is this true? I really wish coke would put on it’s website where(atleast the state) somebody won the contest.That way we know it’s not a scam that the corporate headquaters dreamed up just to get our email or address for thier own needs.

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