An e-mail message to Adobe

I notice that Macromedia Contribute is conspicuously absent from your MAX 06 session line-up this year. I certainly hope that this isn’t an indication that Adobe is thinking about ending this product line. As an Advanced Certified ColdFusion Developer and web solutions provider, I’ve found that Contribute is a wonderfully easy and inexpensive Web publishing system. It’s perfect for small businesses and for intranet management.

I realize that Adobe is probably making some hard decisions about which product lines to keep and which to eliminate, and I certainly hope that you choose to continue expanding and evolving this product’s capabilities and usefulness. While I recognize that some products like FreeHand [didn’t Adobe already divest themselves of that once for anti-trust reasons?] and Fireworks may seem in direct conflict with some of the legacy product lines from Adobe, Contribute clearly fills a publication workflow niche previously untapped by your company’s offerings.

I look forward to seeing how you further adopt the various products and platforms gained through last year’s Macromedia acquisition and hope to see your continued support of their various Web publishing tools and solutions.

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